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We hear from many of our clients that they dread their annual benefits renewal. It’s time-consuming, full of rules and regulations, and tough to balance your budget with the best interests of your employees.

At Epix Solutions we do things differently. Our process gives you more control and helps you understand all your options, so you get the best plan to fit your company’s unique needs.

Realistic Timeline Xpectations

Establishing clear Xpectations is key to a successful benefit program installation.  From the load of your employer specific information through to education of your employees on the EPIX-Xchange.  We accomplish this with tested processes and clearly defined Xpectations!

Premier Group Health Insurance Carriers

Nevada Group Health Insurance Carriers

Get a Glimpse of the EPIX-Xperience with the Below Videos!

The EPIX-Xperience is Ensured Through Tested Processes

Nevada Group Health Benefits Management Process
Nevada Group Employee Benefits Enrollment Process

2017 Is Here! Let's Modernize Your Employee Benefits Program!

Nevada Group Health Insurance, HR Consulting in Las Vegas and HRIS Cloud Based Technology!

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