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About EPIX Solutions

We’re committed to delivering the EPIX-Xperience!  It starts by getting to know each-other.  Please take a moment to read a little about us!

Meet the Leadership Team




After a 13 year career in the United States Air Force, Chris obtained his bachelors degree in Business Management Information Systems. Chris started his insurance career in 2002 working for a national insurance carrier marketing high deductible plans to insurance agents in California and Nevada. In 2003, Chris became an insurance consultant and began working directly with employers introducing them to alternative options and funding mechanisms to help control rising insurance costs. Chris takes great pride in his ability to explain complicated insurance concepts in a manner people understand. With over 10 years of insurance experience and extensive technical knowledge, Chris brings a unique perspective to employers to guide them in developing a cost effective program supported by technology to enhance employee engagement and administration.

In 2015 Chris began EPIX Solutions creating one place where businesses can learn how technology can help streamline cost effective employee benefit programs, ACA Compliance, and enhance Human Resources. EPIX consults with businesses of all sizes and develops customized solutions to help clients achieve their goals.



Director of HR Services

After 25 years leading Human Resources divisions for large employers, Tracy joined EPIX solutions as the Director of HR Services.

Tracy specializes in the creation and development of the culture and human resources function in new, transitioning and established organizations. Tracy’s people-oriented “values driven” style and exceptional communication and interpersonal skills are especially compatible with her comprehensive knowledge of legal compliance. This supports an organization’s ability to avoid employee relations issues and minimizes potential litigation. Tracy is passionate about coaching individual employees and management to achieve goals, building HR competency within operations leadership and driving change within businesses.

Together with the EPIX Consulting Team and EPIX technology platforms, she works with businesses to create employee-focused
strategies to boost employee engagement, performance, motivation and satisfaction while meeting an organization’s business model, objectives and improving the bottom line.



Chief Technologist

After an eight year career in the United States Air Force, Rick entered the private sector as a Technical Sales engineer with focus in the wireless marketplace. Rick moved into the insurance industry as a Consultant in 2003 and worked with Employers to develop innovative solutions to deliver Employee Benefit Programs.

As Rick transitioned to Business Operations, he quickly realized working with and implementing various ERP, MRP, CRM and Marketing Systems provided him a new challenge and was ultimately more rewarding. In 2015 Rick joined EPIX Solutions as their Chief Technologist. He has been instrumental in the selection and implementation of the multiple technology platforms EPIX Solutions brings to their Clients. These include cloud-based HRIS & Benefits Administration, CRM and a new technology to the insurance industry to track and solve customer service related issues.

Our Core Philosophies

EPIX Solutions is based in Las Vegas Nevada
EPIX Solutions has over 25 years of group insurance experience
We are a technology based company
ACA Compliance and Reporting
Employee Education is Key to a Successful Implementation

EPIX Solutions is located in Las Vegas, NV.  Not that it matters.  Our processes can be executed beyond borders!  All locations will have a local presence as we move throughout the Southwest.  Technology can do a lot but sometimes a face to face meeting is needed!

We have over 25 years combined insurance experience in the local markets that we service.  This helps us consult on the insurance marketplace and ensure our clients are receiving the most up to date advice and direction.  Cost controlling strategies are ever changing and that cannot be replaced by technology.  Technology will help us explain these strategies


Technology is what we do!  We are proud to bring a solution together helping businesses thrive.  We are always evolving and look forward to growing the platform as needs arise.


Compliance and Reporting is key to keeping your company safe from the auditors.  With our proprietary checklists and processes we ensure that the information needed for healthcare compliance is ready and available.

Education is important to a successful launch.  We provide one on one training to those that need it.  We never throw our clients to the proverbial technology wolves.   

2017 Is Here! Let's Modernize Your Employee Benefits Program!

Nevada Group Health Insurance, HR Consulting in Las Vegas and HRIS Cloud Based Technology!

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